One for the books. Rome Snowboards and Snowboy Productions deliver an original instant classic. See the creative clips conjured by the Séance.

We partnered with Rome SDS to gather believers from around the globe for the first ever Sidehit Séance at Sugarbush Parks. Here is a glimpse into what went down over three days in Vermont. —Snowboy Productions

Edited by Chris DeJohn

Filmed by Chris DeJohn, Devin Bernard, Blake Geis, Scott Stankiewicz, TJ Thran & Urris White.

Riders in order of appearance: Stale Sandbech, Hunter Knoll, Max Lyons, Connor Cavanagh, Seph Niquette, Connor Gross, Skyler Gallardo, Charlotte Flowers, TImmy Sullivan, Len Jorgensen, Jeff Hopkins, J DeForge, Eli Lamm, Ian Keay, Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce, Emma Schacht, Madison Blackley, Kayli Hendricks, Louie Arrigoni, Sean Dillion, Shaun Murphy, Kevin Raksnis, Mike Skiba, Laura Rogoski, Ozzy Henning, Drake Warner, Lucas Magoon, Nate Haust, Ivika Jurgenson & Casey Savage

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