Casquad started many years ago as an inside joke relating to our home mountain “Mont-Cascades”. We really didn’t put much thought into it and figured it was a clever play on words and decided to run with it. Ironically, 7 years later we’re still using the same name. Many things have changed throughout the years while filming Casquad videos. Our latest project Harmony represents going back to our roots and making a conscious effort to work in harmony with each other and our environment.  After years of trial and error, we’ve come to the conclusion that the main focus for this year was to feed off each other’s energy and enjoy ourselves.

Going back to our roots also significates going back to the basics. This video was entirely made using natural speed inruns and starters made out of snow. This video was filmed in Eastern Canada (Ottawa/Gatineau area and New-Brunswick). 

Presented by:  Top of the World

Snowboarding by: Dominic Tessier, Samuel Karki, Clément Pageau, Carl Beaudin, Charles-Étienne Leclerc

Filmed and Edited by: Gabriel Larivière

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