Well, here she is. Our new issue with Chris Grenier letting one of the hooves breathe on the front cover. There's tons of good stuff in there: from frat boys to tentacle monsters, to interviews with Johnny Lazz and Andrew Burns, to gay bar surprises to free shit. Click through to see what else is in there.

Stop by your local shop to pick up a copy. 


It seems like his optimism is only directed at boning babes and traveling the globe to bone babes with funny accents. Dustin discovered what most other pro snowboarders found out over time: that snowboarding can take you everywhere and anywhere, and all of those places have babes to bone. He does love the sport a great deal, but he also happens to be at that age where his boner leads the way. By Andrew Hardingham


Have you ever missed a flight? You know… been that sweaty idiot in the airport carrying all their bags, missing their flight? This is a recap of someone who spent a week in Quebec with mostly French people. When you think of snowboarding in Quebec, you tend to think about all the Quebecois rail killers. Read about Will Lavigne, Phil Jacques, Jake Kuzyk, Frank April, and Alex Cantin hustling in the streets between poutine-eating sessions. By Evan Rissi


He doesn’t really do the beach thing. He grew up shredding Mt. Baker and rebuilding cars and motorcycles. He thinks rollerblading is dorky, but he doesn’t know why. He’s been homeless for most of his adult life, been “screeched in” in Newfoundland, and held his own art shows in various American cities. He’s done more than you have and now he runs his own snowboard brand. “You couldn’t kick me out of snowboarding if you tried,” he says. BY ERIC GREENE


Tailgating is man stuff. You’ve surely heard about tailgate parties in the parking lots of football games, or outside the Nascar tracks in the Southern U.S. bible belt, where overweight middle-aged men barbecue dozens of those cheap hot dogs made from recycled plastic and crush a two-four of Miller Lights before the event kicks off. Well, we’re snowboarders… not fat, Confederate-loving Nascar fans. We’re better than that.By Eric Greene


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