Ahh, the wonderful snow capped peaks of the Kootenay mountain range in British Columbia. What wild wilderness! We are on the road with some Quiksilver riders: Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman, and Alex Beebe. Sorry folks, but Travis Rice is not here. This is a collection of photos that most likely won't give you any idea of what we're doing, but that's cool because we don't really know what we're doing either.


We drove out from the coast to the hills and spent a couple days in the small border town of Rossland. Dario Phillips from Quiksilver lined up a day of cat skiing at Big Red Cats and a day at Red Mountain for us. Rasman was the only guy smart enough to bring wax, but that meant he had to wax all of our snowboards for us.


In Trail, B.C. there is a Wallmart that has no business being there. But there's also a massive lead smelter right downtown, so the shitty out-of-place Wallmart is the least of their worries. This is Beebe and Belzile... happy shoppers.

We spent a couple days at Whitewater, outside of Nelson, B.C. That mountain fucking rules. We hiked the ridges, rode some lines with local legend Tyson Carmody, and the boys launched some blind step downs in thick fog. We had a a late start on the best day we were there because the photographer in a group (his name rhymes with "muscle tall-tee") forgot his boots and had to drive back to town to get them.


We stayed in Ymir because Nelson is too fancy for us and there are no rules in Ymir. For example, once you check into the hotel, you can stay there as long as you want without speaking to any staff. You can also rip your snowmobile up and down the street while your friends drink beers and shoot fireworks at each other at all hours of the night and nobody will complain about the noise.


Rasman was pulling out of a parking stall in downtown Nelson and was shocked to discover that some arrogant son of a bitch parked their Jetta accross the street right in his blindspot. Here is Chris writing a note to the Jetta owner telling them to text him about the broken mirror and dented door that could have damaged his snowmobile track if he wasn't more careful.


Ladies, ladies, ladies... meet Jon Conway. He owns several cameras, has his first aid, and may or may not have a tattoo of a weeping unicorn on his ass cheek. He also enjoys candy, wacky tabaccy, and once crashed a helicopter with his dad and walked away unscathed.


With all the dangerous boarding, petty crime, and immature behavoir, this trip would not be complete without one trip to the hospital. Here we are in Revelstoke doing a quick in and out with one of the boys. Then we went to the beer store and had sandwiches for lunch.


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This is a collection of photos that most likely won't give you any idea of what we're doing, but that's cool because we don't really know what we're doing either.