EVENT // Fuck It: Vancouver Premiere


The morning of the Vancouver premiere for Fuck It I was woken up early by a text message. I was confused because I get almost as few texts as I do phone calls and because it was 7 am I was convinced it was bad news, like my childhood dog had died again or something. Well it wasn’t bad news; it was Garett Halayko inviting me to the premiere for Fuck It, the new video from Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare. After a brief text exchange it was decided I would go and do a web post for King Snow on the premiere. Garett asked if Crispin was in town to take some photos to go along with my written nonsense. I told him I wasn’t sure and I didn’t have Crispin’s number to enquire. Garett told me it was alright and, “Your drunk, blurry photos are great too.”—SCOTTY MACDONALD


You think putting a video premiere on is easy? Think again, look at the bottom of Garett's shirt. that's fresh blood.


This is Sam Weston and Nick Pochereva from The Boardroom. They were part of an elite group invited down for drinks and eats with the team. I was there only because I showed up three hours early because I don't have the common sense to write things down.


Oddly enough the venue was actually called Forum Sports Bar. I asked Garett if this was by design and he informed the choice of venue was based on the amount of TV's. He wasn't kidding, I lost count at 17. Well, that's because 17 is as high as I can count without an abacus.


Garett did his best to make the sports bar look welcoming to snowboarders.


Things quickly filled up and the entire bar was awash with snowboarders. This point in the night also marks when I became drunk and stopped writing anything down. I have no idea who any of these people are. 


I do know who this person is though. It's Jeremy Pettit, He made amazing skateboard videos before he switched over to make amazing snowboard videos. He's on the left. On the right is his friend Pete. Pete runs a car service in Seattle or something.


I'm so much of an asshole that I actually sat down at one of the tables with the appetizers that Forum provided.


I felt even worse when these two followed my lead. In our defence we didn't stop anyone else from eating it too. It really wasn't our fault either, there weren't any seats left at this point.


I'm pretty sure that guy Garett is talking to is a big deal snowboarder or something. But then again, I could be wrong. I am often wrong.


Sparing no expense, they even had a T-Shirt press on premises so anyone who wanted a Fuck It shirt could have one. I meant to get one but then forgot. I'll blame beer for that one.


They also had specially made Fuck It condoms, just in case anyone in attendance met someone special and wanted to... ahem... fuck.


I think this was the moment of truth when the long anticipated video was premiered. Either that, or a logo loop that was playing while we waited.


I kept telling this guy to buy a lotto ticket because getting shit on by a bird is good luck. I think he may have thought I was just being an asshole for reminding him he got shit on by a bird.


You know a snowboard video is a big deal when big shot Canadian Skateboarders show up. Derek Swaim, Stacy Gabriel and their homey Andrew Vernon.


This guy told us his shirt was tucked in because he rushed from the office to the premiere. I guess he doesn't know that shirts can be untucked manually. He also said he broke his arm snowboarding, 7 months previous.


This kid was a lucky winner of a Forum snowboard. His friend appears to be a previous winner of some broken teeth.


This seems like as good a place as any to end it. I have no idea what's going in this photo. If you missed out on the excitement you can download the movie from iTunes, but you'll have to leave the house for beer and appys.


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